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Armani 5th Avenue Flagship, 717 Fifth Avenue, New York City

Complete interior renovation of approximately 45,000 square feet of space on the cellar, ground floor, 2nd floor, and 3rd floor levels at the lower levels of class A high riser midtown high rise building to contain all of the Armani brands including full services restaurant. The renovation included rearrangement of floor slabs to create atrium spaces and accentuate the grand serpentine sculptural grand staircase. In addition, two elevators for vertical transportation were added to the one existing elevator plus an intelligent perimeter LED system for visual experience. Significant modifications to existing base building utilities passing through the demised tenant space were required to allow the implementation of the new architecture. The systems featured:

  • Approximately 200 tons of air conditioning with water cooled chilled water plant utilizing base building condenser water.
  • Design of condenser water, chilled water, and heating hot water pumping stations.
  • Steam service to 3rd floor MER to supply heat exchanger for heating and domestic water systems.
  • Approximately 40 ceiling fan coil units throughout space to facilitate maximum ceiling heights given limited slab to slab elevations within the space.
  • Design of chilled water and hot water distribution throughout space to units and perimeter hot water heating elements.
  • 12,000 CFM kitchen exhaust system with precipitator for exhausting through 3rd floor louvers and new 9,000 CFM gas fired makeup air system.
  • 30,000 CFM smoke purge system to permit the atrium condition without fire separation plus make up air at the cellar level.
  • Relocation and renovation of 100,000 CFM base building fan system to facilitate grand staircase design.
  • Relocation and renovation of base building chilled water, steam, power feeders, and pneumatic control mains in the sub-cellar to facilitate elevator pit.
  • Complete electrical system upgrade from Con Edison to 1,600 Amperes, 265/460-volt, 3 phase power. Distribution of electrical throughout space including normal and emergency power with step down transformers featuring four main switchgear areas.
  • Refurbishment of generator plant.
  • Design for full services tailoring operation including steam boiler equipment.
  • Design of lighting controls for space utilizing Lutron GPX panels and specialty controls for zones based on human motion.
  • Coordination of perimeter LED and projection systems allowing multiple scenes and images at the featured spaces.
  • Complete plumbing distribution for 3rd floor restaurant where the kitchen was designed over an existing luxury retail tenant. This created extreme complexity as waste piping could not penetrate the slab and headroom was very limited.
  • Gas service upgrade with new meter and piping from cellar to 3rd floor.
  • Complete sprinkler design from base building risers including mains and careful layout coordination with complex ceilings and slab arrangements.
  • Design of standalone interior fire alarm system with interface to the base building system servicing the high rise tower.

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