PROJECTS Spas and Salons

Spa and salon projects offer special challenges to the MEP design team that differ from many other projects in the industry. Engineering considerations often include zoning of the HVAC system required to satisfy variety a treatments rooms where patrons level of dress varies, odor control for dying, manicure, and pedicure areas, drainage system for treatment rooms including seaweed and mud among others, large domestic hot water demands, electrical requirements for spa equipment, saunas, Russian Baths, etc. Rosini Engineering has experience in this field with designing standalone spas, salons, as well as these features in larger hotel projects.


Frederick Fekkai Salon 394 West Broadway, 2nd floor
Frederick Fekkai Salon Neiman Marcus
San Francisco, CA
Frederick Fekkai Salon Highland Park
Dallas, TX
Frederick Fekkai Salon Mark Hotel,
New York City
Frederick Fekkai Salon 2 Lewis Court
Greenwich, CT
Setai Spa 40 Broad Street, 3rd Fl.
New York City
Oasis Day Spa Dobbs Ferry, NY
Pierre-Michel Salon 135 East 57th Street
New York City
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